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What’s included:


“I have got to know Emma as one of the stars in our industry who have great experience both on the programming and management side of the business on a global scale! I can recommend this book as a must read for anybody wanting to enter the boutique business.”


Herman Rutgers, Co-founder EuropeActive, Board Member Basic-Fit

“Building A Badass Boutique’s 10-Touch Journey is a roadmap for success that should be required reading for every aspiring or current studio owner and every manager at every studio. PERIOD!”



Julian A Barnes, Co-Founder, Boutique Fitness Solutions


“I could not think of a more qualified person to write a book on this subject, a must read for anyone in the fitness Industry.”




Matthew Januszek Host, Escape Your Limits Podcast, Co-founder Escape Fitness Equipment

“Emma’s new book Building a Badass Boutique delivers successfully on the heels of EuropeActive Retention Report 2018, titled Customer Engagement in Boutique Studios that

she authored and which has become the standard bible in boutique studio management in Europe and the best-selling Retention Report since the first edition in 2013.”


Dr Jan Middelkamp, CEO BlackboxPublishers (official publishing partner of EuropeActive)

“This book is a game-changer for fitness professionals wanting to step up, create more impact, and run a business that really works. Emma’s first-hand experience, knowledge and insight will be your secret weapon.”





Lauren Armes, Founder & CEO of Welltodo