Your 10-Touch Journey to Designing a Fitness Studio that Rocks


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Like any business, there is an A-Z playbook of all the necessary elements and operations to make a boutique studio fly. Operators are typically fluent in some aspects of the playbook, but not all. It's necessary to view the business end-to-end, identify your gaps and establish how you might best fill them. 

Boutique fitness studios have flooded strip malls and retail outlets, radically lifting service levels to join high-end club providers in competing on premiumized experiences. This Masterclass provides inspiration if this is your path. 

Franchise and license agreements need to be buttoned down, and business basics bottled, to provide a turnkey solution. The goal: to enable business owners to become profitable in a paint-by-numbers approach. There are a number of important factors to consider when looking to grow beyond the founding site. This Masterclass maps them out for you. 

So what's included? 

12 Online Classes

Get Set for Success with your 10-Touch Journey: Purpose, Pain, Positioning, Product, People, Programming, Place, Processes, Plan, Pace and finally Polish to rock the room. 

Boutique Barometer

Audit your business with the Boutique Barometer. Rate your business across the 10 Ps; between them, these make up Brand, Product and Systems and form the baseline for your business transformation.    

100 Page Workbook

Start implementing your Playbook, Blueprint and Schedule today, incorporating all the concepts, exercises, hot tips, badass bullets and resources you need to build your badass business. 


Keep up with the ever-changing fitness industry. Dive into Zoom panels and webinars with industry experts and contributors to the book. All your curly questions will be answered as you navigate real-time challenges in the business of fitness. 

Based on the #1 International Bestselling Book 



We launched my book in London, February 2020, on the eve of ukactive SWEAT. Then all the studios shut and conferences were cancelled and it became clear I needed to get more information to you. And so I created this online Masterclass. 

Meet my editor, Kate Cracknell. With over a decade reporting on health and fitness around the world she led development of the sector's leading business title Health Club Management. Now she's helped me put the Badass in Boutique. 


What others are saying 

"Emma is one of the most sought after, respected and influential advisors - her insights, knowledge and ideas add immeasurable and immediate value, helping companies from across the globe build successful businesses. "

Ross Campbell
Founder & CEO, Fit Summit

"Boutique operators and investors are extremely fortunate that someone with Emma Barry's passion, expertise, knowledge, wisdom and insight has created this excellent resource to share global learnings and advice at the highest level. Consume it immediately. "

Liz Terry
CEO Leisure Media, Editor HCM magazine (

"I have over forty years of experience in the fitness industry and have served as a SVP and CEO of fitness firms, served as the President of IHRSA and presently serve on the Advisory Board for the Association of Fitness Studios. My company ClubIntel conducts much of the consumer and operational research on the global club and boutique industry, so I feel well-versed in what makes for a great boutique studio. Yet, Emma's understanding of the boutique fitness business is unsurpassed, eclipsing the wealth of knowledge my firm has acquired over the years, and outdistancing the rest of the field. What makes Emma different, and what makes her information binge-worthy, is not just her knowledge, but her passion, her energy and her unrelenting love for the business of fitness."

Stephen Tharrett
Co-founder ClubIntel & Author of Fitness Management, 4th Edition

The experience is the bottom line 

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